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    "We are all fine but a great deal of the country is in a state of emergency because of Hurricane Stan.  I live in an unaffected area.  The most damage was on the coast and mountain areas two to four to six hours away. Bridges are out, phone lines down, and roads impassable because of mud-slides.  Some villages have disappeared under tons of mud. The country is rallying to help those in need but it will take some time. 

    The lastest is that over 600 people have died and nearly 600 still missing because of flood waters and mudslides. Whole communities are cut off from relief efforts because of the bridges that are down and roads that were washed out. In some areas they just closed down the rescue effort  and left the bodies under 10 - 12 feet of mud. There is now risk of epedemic because of lack of clean water and the flood waters. It is still raining so there is fear of more problems in those areas.

Sail Astern

We received this email from Myra Smith, to whose ministry in Guatemala we are carrying part of our cargo, and with whom we hope to spend some time sharing with the children and teaching the adults:

Where I am the only inconvenience is the phone lines are sporatic and food is not as plentiful and is more expensive because of the shortages. It is a tremendous time for a country already suffering because of lack of income, now there are no homes, no jobs, and for some most of their families are gone. The people suffering the most are the poorest. Please pray." - Myra