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Current and select past issues containing inspirational articles and exciting testimonies





Report on trip to Haiti and relief efforts there.  Also, about how 9 people came to the Lord at homeless shelter in Florida.  Testimony of us saving a woman’s life on Interstate 40.  New evangelism seminar outlines now available on our website and much, much more...

Summary of our 6 month mission trip in which 47 children gave their hearts to Jesus and many other wonderful things were accomplished.  Article, “Occupy Until I Come”, about enduring and sacrificing to remain faithful in His work to the end.  Testimonies about Debbie’s healing and our son’s wedding.  Also, important sources for news of current events.

Photos and testimonies from second half of five month mission trip into Caribbean.  Also, “Too Much Freedom?”, article reflecting on the earthquake crisis in Haiti with a personal account of one of my experiences there during a past hurricane relief trip.

Report on the first month of our five month mission trip into the Caribbean.  Also, story and pictures of how we helped save the life of a shark attack victim.  And a special appreciation to some of those who helped us in preparation for this and other trips to come.

Article, “Michael's Miracle”, about our son's cancerous brain tumor and healing. Details of our forthcoming mission trip to the Caribbean and the work we are currently doing to our sailboat Faith. Other news and appreciations for special happenings this past summer.

Reflections on our winter mission trip in a testimonial called "In His Stops".  Article, "Clean Out The Closets", about sending discarded supplies to the mission field instead of the 'land fill'.  Also, special welcome to a very special church and info on the Daya Orphanage in India.

Reports on  season's activities including a Florida Mission Conference and NC Prayer Event.  Article, "Out Of Our Comfort Zones " about how we rescued 3 Cubans lost at sea, but only after having to first go through hardships of our own to put us ‘in the right place at the right time.’

Photos and story on our four month mission trip to Guatemala and Honduras.  Article, "Doing What You Can" on why even our smallest effort can make a big difference to a world in trouble.

Report on supplies being gathered for upcoming trip to Belize and Guatemala.  Article, "Multiplying Ourselves" on why all Christian leaders need to be mentoring their 'replacements'.  Also, personal testimony, "A Heart For Missions" .

Report and pictures on our trip to Guatemala.  Also, article "Free Indeed" about how we saved the lives of 17 Cubans, including a one year old baby, found hopelessly adrift, caught in the currents off the coast of Mexico.

Includes article He's An On Time Godabout the Lord's help in our preparations for upcoming mission trip to Central America.  On the back is a study on giving with a right motive called Give Til It Hurts       

Additional articles originally posted in past newsletters can be found elsewhere on our site.  Click here to read my “Waypoint Series” tracts on discipleship issues.

Update on boat repairs and plans for next mission trip.  Article called “Early Will I Seek Thee”.  Photos and comments on two of our children graduating from college this year, new grandbaby this summer, VBS conducted, and new outboard motor donated by Trunews.com

Current !

Report on first part of our 2013 mission trip into Caribbean with many saved and other special blessings. Also, devotional article, “When A Little Doubt Can Be A Good Thing” about why ‘feelings’ can be important to our ‘faith’.